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Just to get a different perspective on another network then Twitter: What would be your definition of a blog? What elements would that definition hold? Is a blog pure txt/img? Is Instagram a blog? Snapchat? When does a blog become an online magazine?

Ik heb geen idee hoeveel Nederlanders hier zijn (10? 15?) Maar voor jullie heb ik wat uitleg geschreven over de #indieweb termen POSSE en PESOS.

Sorry non-Dutchies. I think Google Translate will be your friend reading what I wrote

Wow…this new Firefox is fast…

Can anyone explain to me if there is a difference between webmentions and pingbacks? It feels the same to me. Old technology, new funky name.

For the Dutch microbloggers, here’s my readinglist for week 45. Of course with some IndieWeb references like @c and @colinwalker…

How nice to still be able to add Medium posts with specific tags as a RSS feed in Inoreader.

Great post on Mondo2000 on a watch It’s this 7B2 wristwatch, though, that wins my most favor. It’s an analog, single-use tool in a digital world. […] unlike my phone, it never watches me watch it.

Monday. Another day at the office at Triggi. I hope to feel better later today. Time for some community management now!

For the Dutch out here, a small observation of my first encounter with the Micropub protocol. I’m still puzzled to know what is going wrong…

Currently reading “Against an Increasingly User-Hostile Web”

“The major websites of today’s web are not built for the visitor, but as means of using her. “

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am of age to rather leave a good party early to hang out at home until late. Than stay at said party until late. I’d have my couch win over a barstool every time. I also have better beer at home.

Insert old-man-whining.gif

One more thing. I have my own blog running on Jekyll at Github pages. Should I use this service to crosspost from here to my blog? Where to start? “Install it like a normal node.js application” is magic to me…

Saturday morning, coffee and a first draft for my column at Numrush

A technology predication time capsule by @cdevroe. I like the constraint of mass market adoption in his list. I do miss a prediction of ubiquitous smart home/smart city adoption, since that’s my line of work

Mighty interesting stuff on Scuttlebutt, a decentralised secure platform. Very inspiring to see how other platforms (like this one) pop up and find a way to exist among the larger ones. With all their quirks and idiosyncracies

thinking about a column on recent events with indieweb stuff, facebook and the mic-conspiracy, Trump-less Twitter and all that other stuff that’s going on everywhere…

I truly worry more and more on the state of big networks like Facebook. Articles like this in The Guardian about the newsfeedtests if FB in countries are scary…

With one day left in my trial account for I need to figure out what my usecase would be for this. I already have my own Jekyll-based site on So another blog would be no use for me. I like some of the other conversations going on here but do I need to pay to see and participate in it? That is not quite clear to me. What would 5 dollar a month buy me that a free account or my current blog doesn’t have? Is there a free account? What does it have and what does it lack?

I have no problem to support indie developers but I already have some Patreon backings going for other developers. Choices. It all boils down to communicating what your service has to offer. Now it is unclear to me. The Help-page doesn’t give a hint either.

I think I just wait and see what happens.

As Ice Cube would say, today was a good day. Started with a run in the park. Did some fun support & community work for Triggi. Had a nice lunch with the missus. Made pizza with and for the kids.

Time for Stranger Things!

I’m still figuring out how “owning your own content” helps me to engage on other networks. The startingpoint of IndieWeb always seems to be me starting something. Which is not always the case. I respond, retweet, favorite, build upon. How does that work? #IndieQuestions