• So yeah… here’s me testing the Omnibear Chrome plugin to reply to one of my own blogposts while logged in at my micro.blog. I have no idea if this is gonna work and where this will pop up :-)

  • Well… Instapaper is going independent which may sound great. But as a citizen in the EU I still have no access to their service because of GDPR. Two months after this came into effect. The comments under the announcement reflect the same sentiment.

  • Unfollow on Twitter

    There was a recent discussion here on mb about following-numbers, the way to show them or not etc. A day after, I read this great blogpost by Anil Dash about unfollowing everybody on Twitter. Programmatically with a nice Ruby script. I decided to take the plunge and unfollow everybody on Twitter to see what happens. I wrote my steps on my own blog, mostly it’s Anil’s steps. There are some funny reactions already on Twitter. I am curious how this will work out.


  • I’m trying a (temporary?) switch to Apple Music, coming from Spotify. I’m curious how good their curated shows and playlists are. Dutch blogpost

  • I have no idea if my followers here like these kind of posts. I visited the Rock Werchter festival yesterday with my wife. Just for one band: Pearl Jam. As a long time fan, this was my 18th concert of them and again it was a blast. Here’s Eddie Vedder doing what he does best.

  • Yesterday I discovered the power of the Heroku commandline and what their service actually does. A Jekyll site up and online in less than 5 minutes. Why is this Internet stuff still free? 😉👍

  • euh… why is there an (arbitrary) end to the mentions I received here? micro.blog/mentions I am looking for a specific mention, but forgot who it was. Somewhere early 2018. How can I find this again? @manton? @help?

  • Moving my digital home

    This morning I gave myself a few moments to research some options for hosting my blog. I am reading up and testing possibilities on Netlify, S3 and playing around with rsync on a Digital Ocean server. All options are interesting. What would be your reason to choose a specific solution? Speed? Support? Ease of use? Configurability? Anything else?

  • a part of the afternoon I’ve been amazed by the work around the Beaker Browser and the decentralized p2p web possibilities. Worth diving into.

  • Today is the IndieWeb Summit in Portland. I’d love to attend but it’s a bit of a swim for me ;-) I wrote a small blogpost for the Dutch audience to draw some attention to it. Hope it helps. diggingthedigital.com/IndieWebS…

  • I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I’d like to post from the @Icro app to my blog via micropub but I can’t see to wrap my head around the specifics… when I enter a Micropub URL nothing gets posted anywhere…

  • The last couple of weeks I’ve buried myself in learning NodeJS. I come from the old days of HTML in the 90’s, had some stints with browserbased Javascript. All of a sudden we had a team of experienced and dedicated developers which made me leave webdevelopment. As a hobby, I return to it and I like NodeJS. The language feels natural to me, I quickly understood some of the design principles and how the vast NPM community adds value to any project. I followed a great course on Udemy. It dives deep in the theory of Node and how it works with the V8 engine and relates to machinecode.

    Now on to some fun projects!

  • Random #indieweb question of the day: when you run your own WordPress install on a VPS, would that “make” you an indieweb-participant by default? Because that would make about 30% of the web IndieWebifiable! 😄😄😄

  • This morning I started W1D1 of my running training to the 10 kilometer I want to run in october here in Utrecht. With the warm weather it is a delight to run in the morning through the woods. Some stats:

    🏃‍♂️4,89 km ⌚️30:49 min ⏱ 6:18 min/km pace 😄 feeling good!

  • Here’s a question for the general RSS reader-knowledge available here: I love the iOS app Unread to read my feeds. But is there an option to make swipe left the gesture for the next article? Now I need to scroll to the bottom or go back and select the next post.

  • On my way for day 2 at The Next Web Conference. Where actually nobody talks about indieweb or microblog. Which is fine ;-)

  • You know what I love about these personal blogs? When they link to someone else of interest, it’s most of the time to another blog instead of a Twitter handle or Facebook page. Just a small observation. It goes back to the early days of blogs and I’m glad it’s still here.

  • First action on this Tuesday that feels like a Monday (we had a day off in NL because of Pentecost): Subscribe to feeds from new personal blogs. Unsub from newsletters I don’t care about anymore.

  • I love data-geekery like this. Map your Netflix data in various ways just to make a nice histogram.

  • What an incredible article by Doc Searls. Full of interesting links and insights. One of those blogpost that’ll take you an eveningbto get through and understand. Love it.

    GDPR will pop the adtech bubble

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