• Random #indieweb question of the day: when you run your own WordPress install on a VPS, would that “make” you an indieweb-participant by default? Because that would make about 30% of the web IndieWebifiable! 😄😄😄

  • This morning I started W1D1 of my running training to the 10 kilometer I want to run in october here in Utrecht. With the warm weather it is a delight to run in the morning through the woods. Some stats:

    🏃‍♂️4,89 km ⌚️30:49 min ⏱ 6:18 min/km pace 😄 feeling good!

  • Here’s a question for the general RSS reader-knowledge available here: I love the iOS app Unread to read my feeds. But is there an option to make swipe left the gesture for the next article? Now I need to scroll to the bottom or go back and select the next post.

  • On my way for day 2 at The Next Web Conference. Where actually nobody talks about indieweb or microblog. Which is fine ;-)

  • You know what I love about these personal blogs? When they link to someone else of interest, it’s most of the time to another blog instead of a Twitter handle or Facebook page. Just a small observation. It goes back to the early days of blogs and I’m glad it’s still here.

  • First action on this Tuesday that feels like a Monday (we had a day off in NL because of Pentecost): Subscribe to feeds from new personal blogs. Unsub from newsletters I don’t care about anymore.

  • I love data-geekery like this. Map your Netflix data in various ways just to make a nice histogram.

  • What an incredible article by Doc Searls. Full of interesting links and insights. One of those blogpost that’ll take you an eveningbto get through and understand. Love it.

    GDPR will pop the adtech bubble

  • One thing I need to find out is how I can send posts on this network to my personal Jekyll blog. What switch do I need to toggle or what old oak do I need to dance around? @manton, is there a FAQ on this?

  • Does anyone already have some experience on how to deal with webmentions with regards to the upcoming GDPR legislation? To be honest, I haven’t given it much thought yet…

  • Do I see @roelwillems here? Is this the same Roel from way back at Orangevalley?

  • I’m currently rolling my own solution to have tagged links in Pinboard sent periodically to my Jekyll blog as an individual article in a specific template.

    I’m now wrapping my head around whether I should save these RSS feeditems as array, object or JSON as a buffer.

    Learning to program is hard! Lots of trial and error but the endresult is very gratifying. It feels good you can make something to scratch your own itch instead of looking for 3rd party solutions.

  • I am searching on the internets for some solutions on how to include a searchbar and resultspage on my Github-pages flavored Jekyll site. What are the recommendations from the Microblog community on this? lunr.js? Super-search? Simple-jekyll-search?

  • An excellent explanation by @ron on how the Web is for all of us. So why would Google dictate us on HTTPS? I dig the fury in his words in the last part! ron.blot.im/convert%2…

  • I actually never tried the Reblog feature on the Micron app so I just did. Well. It works :-)

  • “Welcome to the Hotel Medium microblog.onemanandhisblog.com” (via @adders)

  • My Facebook account is deleted after a 14 day wait. So. Yeah. Now what?

  • We just finished our demo/livingroom in the office. We now have various smart home devices we can hook up to our Olisto app to test and demo. Of course I had to make sure there are comfy chairs. Here’s me working hard in our nice IKEA lounge chair. Love this place.

  • Ah yes. As always it’s Mr Terpstra to the rescue to get me started with a direction for the Pinboard > Jekyll connection! A “Web Excursions” system for static blogs - BrettTerpstra.com

  • I started thinking about a way to make a clever connection between specific tagged Pinboard entries to a formatted and published blogpost on my Jekyll-based site. Do I need Github hooks? Anything else? Where to start?

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