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next thing to find out: Can I set the source of my blog to just the site directory of my Jekyll installation and upload that. As in a separate repository or something. Still learning this whole Github thing…

Working at home next to the xmas tree. Too much snow on the road…

This evening I read up on IOTA, a cryptocurrency for IoT devices. I think. I’m not sure what it is anymore since the articles I read are filled with hoopla on The Tangle (some sort of blockchain) and other hyped-up words. Anyone here familiar with IOTA to get me up to speed?

Is any of you familiar with Airtable? I think it’s a great app/spreadsheet/database to organize all sorts of stuff. I wrote a (dutch) blogpost on it.

1987 feels as far away for a 14 year old kid today just as 1957 did for me when I was 14 in 1987.


Utrecht gets a new central railway station and shopping mall. I drive by every day to get to work and I have to say I am really impressed how it’s gonna turn look.

I just added a JSON feed to my Jekyll based blog. Took me about five minutes. Without a plugin or difficult configuration. Incredible. if you want to add some Dutch blogposts to your media consumption 😂😂😂

Anyone with some Webmention experience here? I have the working someway somehow. But is it possible to delete webmentions from my site? On this post there is a test-webmention I did. Can I delete that? Where?

Next task: Why doesn’t my site show the Twitter avatars in the webmentions? See… as an example…. Euhm… can I webmention @voxpelli somehow from here?

Well…it turns out I just have to question this stuff, start over again and all of a sudden it works. A combination of Bridgy and seems to work. I still need to style everything but the basics work. Not quite sure how but hey…

How do I send myself a webmention to test if the <link rel=webmention> works?

Webmentions. I have no idea where to start. I would like to have them on my site (runs on GH pages) instead of Disqus but I can’t figure what steps to take. I check out Bridgy,, the jekyll plugin. But I can’t figure it out. I need a Webmention For Dummies!

Had quite the codefight last night (look at me all rhyming and stuff!) to try a new Jekyll theme. I ended up reading up on Git, Ruby, Bundle and Gem. It’s nice to DIY but it still so far away from hitting it the big league. And I still don’t have a new theme.

This Sunday is off to a good start. Already wrote my weekly digest of interesting links I found and my review of the Jim and Andy documentary on Netflix got retweeted by Netflix. Silo’s be damned, it still feels good!

Links are all in Dutch! 🗞 Weekly “leesmap” 🎬 Jim and Andy - The great beyond review

What are your thoughts on webhosting? I currently host my blog at Github Pages which is quite alright. I’ve had some experiences with webhosting and VPS, somehow it can get a hassle with those. Hosting at Amazon? What are your ideas?

Just to get a different perspective on another network then Twitter: What would be your definition of a blog? What elements would that definition hold? Is a blog pure txt/img? Is Instagram a blog? Snapchat? When does a blog become an online magazine?

Ik heb geen idee hoeveel Nederlanders hier zijn (10? 15?) Maar voor jullie heb ik wat uitleg geschreven over de #indieweb termen POSSE en PESOS.

Sorry non-Dutchies. I think Google Translate will be your friend reading what I wrote

Wow…this new Firefox is fast…

Can anyone explain to me if there is a difference between webmentions and pingbacks? It feels the same to me. Old technology, new funky name.

For the Dutch microbloggers, here’s my readinglist for week 45. Of course with some IndieWeb references like @c and @colinwalker…