With one day left in my trial account for Micro.blog I need to figure out what my usecase would be for this. I already have my own Jekyll-based site on diggingthedigital.com/. So another blog would be no use for me. I like some of the other conversations going on here but do I need to pay to see and participate in it? That is not quite clear to me. What would 5 dollar a month buy me that a free micro.blog account or my current blog doesn’t have? Is there a free micro.blog account? What does it have and what does it lack?

I have no problem to support indie developers but I already have some Patreon backings going for other developers. Choices. It all boils down to communicating what your service has to offer. Now it is unclear to me. The Help-page doesn’t give a hint either.

I think I just wait and see what happens.