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As a keyboard lover and support agent or our app, I’d love to have a better naming-scheme for the various emoji. Instead of typing :wink: and :crying: I’d rather have consistency such as :face-wink: and :face-crying:

But hey…that’s just me.

After a brief hiatus I will resume running again tomorrow at 6 AM. Step one: Don’t make me think about my clothes this early. Make sure they’re ready.

Voor de Nederlandse microbloggers, hier is een blogpost met links naar mijn Numrush columns. Hoe meta wil je het hebben :-)…

this is an interesting project.

Indieweb: the book. I would read it. Missed it long enough.

So hey. This is me. Riding the microblog wave for now. Saying hi to @manton to let him know I exist in this space.

Now what?

According to Jack, we should. But meh… we had that hype 15 years ago. Too much hassle for a lot of people. They want to connect. They want a familiar place. Innovation and upgrades when they log in again. I know about the Indieweb. I’ve had my fair share of discussions on blogs vs social. But here’s the thing, times have changed. Mobile won. Facebook won. Instagram will win. For the coming decade. Something else comes along and that will win. Indie blogs will never win. And that’s a good thing.

Had this amazing Beer Geek Breakfast by Mikkeler last night. Worth trying out if you run into one!

Sundays are good for catching up on my RSS-subscriptions (InoReader is my favorite reader of the week, all bow down to the OPML export options to migrate fast)

Since I work in the IoT/Smart home industry there’s new products and services popping up every other day it seems. Some of my favorites from this morning

There’s so much to invent in this world….

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on? 1,2,1,2…

Hey ho let’s go!