• I like this. Too many great quotes and ideas on blogging and selfpublishing to choose from. So I pick this one:

    “We need to switch mode from passive to active, from consuming to creating. Start sowing seeds.”

    Take the Power Back – iA

  • First post on the Micron app for Micro.blog. Digging it!

  • My bloggingstreak is hard to keep up. Due to family responsibilities I haven’t really written anything the last couple of days. Even half ideas jotted down while in transit don’t get a follow up. Time to refocus.

  • I love how Robin Rendle explains the upsides and possibilities of RSS in How to Read the Internet. Thanks @Eli for the pointer!

  • A warm welcome from The Netherlands to @donmelton on the Microblogs!

  • Twitter has their suggested users you might follow, Instagram has the list of interesting people/hashtags, Facebook just looks in your brain to see who you might know and Microblog has Discover.

    Mastodon doesn’t have this and I miss it. I need some inspiration thrown at my feet.

  • Lately I’ve been deep in the Internet History Podcast from Brian McCullough. Great episodes ranging from the start of Netscape to Justin Hall as the “first” blogger. Totally love the indievibe we had back then. Find it near a podcast-shop near you!

  • Another project to find out: When my site gets updated by Ownyourgram, it’s a different version then my local version. I have my own workflow that doesn’t really check to get the latest version first from Github. Is there a way to check this before git push without having to think about fetch and pull?

  • Kinda curious how MB breaks down to countries. Do you have an idea on that @manton? I think there are at most 20 Dutch people here….

  • I think it’s time to tweak my OwnYourGram account to my blog. I do want all my IG posts local but don’t want to show them by default on my blog and consequentially linked to this place. Back to the drawingboard.

  • Finally visited the Bonami computer- and consolemuseum in Zwolle today (Netherlands). Had sooooo much fun with my 5 year old son there with both old and new consolegames!

  • “Blogging, that much-maligned pastime, is gradually but surely disappearing from the Internet, and so, consequently, is a lot of online freedom and fun.”

    Well..they sure know how to work the best tricks from blogs how to get attention ;-)

    The End of the Awl and the Vanishing of Freedom and Fun from the Internet

  • A DM only iOS Twitter app. Does that exist? Not the full timeline. No lists. Just DM. #almostindieweb

  • I have a stopover in Portland to go to Amsterdam. I flew with a brand new airplane from Alaska Air. Beautiful plane but most of all a great little message from the captain when we unboarded: “Be kind to each other”. Small yet powerful message.

  • I will be at the CES in Las Vegas next week. We will be one of the startups in the Holland Pavilion. Will I meet some Indiewebbers there? I doubt it… Does anyone have good off-the-beaten-track Vegas tips? Maybe some running tracks?

  • I still need to find some time and place to tweak my own blog with the Instagram posts. Not quite happy with how it syndicates to other channels…

  • Here’s a first micropost from Drafts 4 with the Micro Blog Action that’s available from the app. Thanks @colinwalker and @agiletortoise

  • For all here fluent in the Dutch language (all 5 of you? ;-)), a short write up of my incredible adventures to incorporate Instagram on my site. diggingthedigital.com/Instagram…

  • I am looking for some help with micropub endpoints and OwnYourGram. I use this script on Github to have my own endpoint on my site. But now Instagram posts are posted to my Master branch and not to GH-Pages. Now what?

  • Pretty happy with my new Panobooks from Studio Neat.

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