• Kinda curious how MB breaks down to countries. Do you have an idea on that @manton? I think there are at most 20 Dutch people here….

  • I think it’s time to tweak my OwnYourGram account to my blog. I do want all my IG posts local but don’t want to show them by default on my blog and consequentially linked to this place. Back to the drawingboard.

  • Finally visited the Bonami computer- and consolemuseum in Zwolle today (Netherlands). Had sooooo much fun with my 5 year old son there with both old and new consolegames!

  • “Blogging, that much-maligned pastime, is gradually but surely disappearing from the Internet, and so, consequently, is a lot of online freedom and fun.”

    Well..they sure know how to work the best tricks from blogs how to get attention ;-)

    The End of the Awl and the Vanishing of Freedom and Fun from the Internet

  • A DM only iOS Twitter app. Does that exist? Not the full timeline. No lists. Just DM. #almostindieweb

  • I have a stopover in Portland to go to Amsterdam. I flew with a brand new airplane from Alaska Air. Beautiful plane but most of all a great little message from the captain when we unboarded: “Be kind to each other”. Small yet powerful message.

  • I will be at the CES in Las Vegas next week. We will be one of the startups in the Holland Pavilion. Will I meet some Indiewebbers there? I doubt it… Does anyone have good off-the-beaten-track Vegas tips? Maybe some running tracks?

  • I still need to find some time and place to tweak my own blog with the Instagram posts. Not quite happy with how it syndicates to other channels…

  • Here’s a first micropost from Drafts 4 with the Micro Blog Action that’s available from the app. Thanks @colinwalker and @agiletortoise

  • For all here fluent in the Dutch language (all 5 of you? ;-)), a short write up of my incredible adventures to incorporate Instagram on my site. diggingthedigital.com/Instagram…

  • I am looking for some help with micropub endpoints and OwnYourGram. I use this script on Github to have my own endpoint on my site. But now Instagram posts are posted to my Master branch and not to GH-Pages. Now what?

  • Pretty happy with my new Panobooks from Studio Neat.

  • Yesterday I learned about the existence of Oh My ZSH. Besides the coolest name in app history, it’s a incredible interesting framework to use in iTerm2 and learn more about shell, terminal and bash-files. A nice geeky evening it was!

  • hmmm.. for some reason the feed from my test microblog on Github doesn’t send the description. Just the title. No link as well.

  • I plan to write a Dutch blogpost on Micro.blog today/tomorrow. It depends on how proactive my daughter will be for herself with the preps for het xmas dinner at school ;-) Anyway, @manton are you available for a quote or perhaps some insights in first growth? Can I mail you?

  • I am looking for proper explanations or code-examples how to make a facepile of my webmentions. I use Jekyll on GH Pages. Any pointers are welcome!

  • The word Weblog turns 20 today. Here’s a small part of (Dutch) internethistory written in my weekly digest

  • Last Jedi. Excellent.

  • Tonight…

  • next thing to find out: Can I set the source of my blog to just the site directory of my Jekyll installation and upload that. As in a separate repository or something. Still learning this whole Github thing…

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